Federated Wiki Files

Federated Wiki keeps the JSON files separate from the installation. Here we discuss the location of the files and some common file maintenance operations.

File Location

Federated wiki files are location in .wiki in your home directory.

To get to the home directory on Linux, type "cd" with no arguments.

To see your federated wiki folder, type "ls -la", which will give you a directory listing including "dot files and directories".

You can browse the directories under wiki by cd-ing into .wiki. Each site on a farm has an individual folder. The folders are specified by the fully qualified domain name, but do not contain a port reference.

Backing Up Files

To zip up your entire directory from the home directory level:

tar cvzf wiki.tgz .wiki

To unzip:

tar xvzf wiki.tgz .wiki
You could encode the date into the .tgz file and keep many.

Find a way to send them to a remote machine. Ways could include mailing the zip file to yourself, placing the zip in a download directory for automatic download, sending the zip to S3.